Commercial Lines

Through an analysis of the needs and the objectives of your company, we provide advice on the design, selection and execution of risk management solutions needed to protect your company against risks that can affect the economic stability or your business continuity.
Risk management
Through auditing coverage processes and identifying the products and services of the insurance market that asjust to the needs of your business, we help you design, evaluate and allocate the risk management programs to protect your business against risks that might affect the economic stability of the continuity you business could have. Always seeking to achieve a positive balance between costs vs. benefits for you business.
Advisory and Brokerage
Our team of certified professionals will keep you up to date of all the tendencies and innovations of products and services within the insurance market, and they help you define and execute the necessary hiring and negociation strategies to obtain the best cost conditions, coverage and service within the market. Throug our service networks we offer you multinational solutions.
Account management
Our team of professionals offer you a personalized service throughout the management and coordination for delivering the engaged products and services, including advise on coverage, benefits dissemination sessions, staff training and periodic reports with the progress of the established agreements.
Claims management
The success of our business depends on the timely and satisfactory response when a loss occurs, therefore, our services covers activities that occur previously to, during or after the loss. The design of manuals and procedures for claming losses, advise and assistance for claiming losses, progress reports for claims in process and loss reports for decision making.
Risk control
Good risk management requires a solid foundation in risk control, therefore, in Fidex we offer overall solutions in the prevention and engineering of risks that will allow you to continue operations and reduce the posibility of economic losses. We have a network of highly experienced engineers and auditors that will help you reduce your business risk through practical recommendations that will enhace the performance of the operations of your business.
Information technology
To offer and inmediate response to the needs of your organization is a priority for us in the delivery of our services. Therefore, we offer IT and communication systems that have the ability to be enabled for different user profiles whithin your organization. Through our online tools you can perform queries; quote; hire and print your policies; inquire on the progress of you claim; receive accident reports; manage and obtain information of your multinational insurance programs.
Pleasure craft
If you have a yacht or small pleasure craft, you will require insurance according to maritime law. We advise you finding the best coverage alternative.
It is coverage that mainly cover damage caused to third parties as a liability of the insured in data processing. The responsibilities arising from risks such as: data breaches, violation of privacy, phishing scams, hacking, wire fraud, extortion and other cyber attacks that could affect your business.
Directors and Officers
It is an insurance that covers damage resulting from acts, errors or omissions by directors or officers derived from their roles within the company. The coverage protects the assets of the director or officer, legal representatives and dependents, when they are responsible for their actions or omissions subject to a legal entity or affected third parties.
These are insurance policies that cover your automobiles and trucks against inherent risks in use or possession of the vehicles such as material damage to the vehicles, theft and damage to third parties.
Other Property
Theft of Goods: Covers damage or loss of property necessary to operate the business of the insured, while they are located within the premises of the company as a result of theft. Money and or Valuables: This covers damages or money loss in form of cash, plastic or bank bills, securities or other negotiable or nonnegotiable documents such as bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks, etc. Ads and or Crystals: Covers damage that may suffer the windows and ads while they are properly installed and fixed in the property owned by the insured. Mouting: Covers the typical risks of assembly and disassembly of machines, appliances, equipment, steel structures, industrial facilities or plants in general. Electronic Equipment: It covers damage that may occur to electrronic and electromagnetic equipment that belong to the business. It is insurance that cover your automobiles and trucks against inherent risks derive drom the use or possession of the vehicles, theft and damage to third party liabilities.
This coverage mainly covers physical damage that the aircraft could suffer as well as liability for damage to third parties.
Civil Liability
It is an insurance that covers damage that the insured may cause to a third party both in their property and/or its body resulting from the realization of the activities of the course of business, as long as the insured has a legal liability to the third party. There are coverages for Products Liability, Professional, Environmental Pollution, Product Recall, Errors & Omissions, among others liabilities.<br>
Freight/Cargo Transportation:
argo insurance covers loss of or damage to property owned by the insured or under its insurable interest, while in transit of those goods by means of land, air or marine transport.
Civil Work (Construction Site)
t is insurance that covers all kinds of civil construction site against loss by physical damage as a result of an accidental, sudden and unforeseen event; including materials, equipment and construction machinery, as well as third party claims when they occur as a result of construction work.
All Risks
It is insurance that covers damage to the property of your company and the consequential losses due to business interruption as a result of all risks except those that are specifically excluded in the policy.

Business Package
It is insurance that covers mainly damage to the property of your company and the consequential losses due to business interruption as a result of specific risks such as fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hydrometeorological phenomena, floods, among others. Additionally it has the possibility to integrate additional coverage such as liability, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown, theft of goods, money and / or securities, and advertisements and / or crystals.
Supplier Program
This is a bonding program created to support the beneficiary companies, which seeks to minimize the risk of noncompliance by their suppliers and/or contractors.
NOWO - Lease insurance
It is a guarantee based on a surety insurance applied to residential real estate leases, contracted by the tenant, which ensures the collection of services and 100% of the unpaid rents contracted, as well as compensation in the event of non-occupancy.
Bail Bonds
Guarantees compliance with specific obligations requested by individuals within a judicial proceeding or that the judge or the law obligates an individual to guarantee a specific procedural act. There are Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Amparo and Family Bonds, among others.
Credit Bonds
Guarantees to corporations, the fulfillment of obligations assumed by credit-related individuals or companies, related to the payment of a certain sum of money. There are Supply, Sale and Distribution and Financial Bonds.
Fidelity bonds
Compensates the employer from financial damage suffered by crimes committed by their employees to their property or property of others for which it is legally liable. The offenses covered are theft, fraud, breach of trust and embezzlement.
Performance Bonds
They guarantee any valid, legal and economic obligation entered into between individuals and/or governmental entities. There are Bid or Tender Bonds, Good Use of Advance Payment, Performance, Good Quality, Leasing and Concessions, among others.
Credit Insurance
This is an insurance that grants protection to the company for in case of possible debtors or for a lack of payment from buyers due to delays or economic insolvency or bankruptcy. It guarantees the retrieval of accounts, credit problems and collection problems that might arise.