Personal Lines

Through an analysis of your personal needs and objectives, we provide advice on the selection of insurance and coverage needed to protect you against the risks that could affect the economic stability and well-being of you and your loved ones. Offering you the best costs, coverage and service alternatives. 
Advisory and Brokerage
Our team of executives and professional advisors will keep you up to date of all the tendencies and innovations of products and services within the insurance market, and they will help you in the quotation, selection and hiring process to obtain the best cost conditions, coverage and service within the market.
Account management
Our team offers personalized service for the management and coordination of the delivery of the engaged products and services, including advice on the scope of coverage and how to use your insurance.
Claims management
The success of our business depends on the timely and satisfactory response when a loss occurs, therefore, our services covers activities that occur previously to, during or after the loss. We advise you on procedures, formalities and required documentation for claiming losses; We also provide advice and assistance for the  claim follow up and the recovery of the loss.
Pleasure craft
If you have a yacht or small pleasure craft, you will require insurance according to maritime law. We advise you finding the best coverage alternative.
It is an insurance policy that mainly covers material damage to the building and the goods in your home, as a consequence of specific risks such as fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hydrometeorological phenomena, floods, among others. Additionally, it has the possibility of integrating additional coverage such as family liability, electronic equipment and/or household appliances, robbery with violence and/or assault, home assistance, among others.
Insurance with the purpose to protect you against the risks inherent to the possession or use your automobile, such as vehicle property damage, theft and third party liability. It can also include additional coverage such as medical expenses to occupants, roadside assistance, among others.
Minor Medical Expenses and Dental Insurance 
Insurance to help in preventive health costs, meaning this, they are focused on the day to day health treatments. These can cover regular doctor appointments, discounts on medicine and other basic expenses for health care.
Insurance to cover the economic losses that can affect persons insured due to the costs of treatment or surgery, that have been prescribed by a doctor, as necessary, for health care events caused by accidents or illnesses.
Personal Accidents 
Insurance to cover financial losses that may be suffered as a result of an accident or illness of the insured. We offer products for personal accidents, travel accidents, cancer, expenses for serious illnesses, among others.
Life and Disability
Life insurance mainly to cover the economic losses that may occur by the death, disability or loss body part of the insured person. In addition to traditional coverage we also offer life insurance schemes for education, retirement, investment, funeral expenses, among others.