16 and 17 June

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RISK+Ed Forum is a space where professionals, educators and relevant actors in the insurance sector meet, where through a series of webinars, they seek to share knowledge and learn about trends, best practices, technologies and the most relevant of the discipline of risk and its management.

It is aimed at finance and human resources managers, and those involved in risk management and employee benefits.

RISK+Ed stands for Risk + Education, two elements that when understood and combined together shape a better future for our companies and employees.


Risk + Ed Talks, Session 1
Trends Impacting Post-Pandemic Workplace Dynamics
Trends Impacting Post-Pandemic Workplace Dynamics


Alfredo Muñoz, Commercial Director of the Employee Benefits Business at Metlife.

Beyond identifying a single trend as the only one affecting labor dynamics, this has been affected by a diverse combination of trends that are important to keep on the radar for those who manage and make decisions about human development in an organization. In this conference, Alfredo Muñoz will share with us a perspective of these trends ranging from the relevance of job security and wellness, the balance between financial wellness vs. labor productivity, to today's flexible work schemes and some holistic wellness models.


Jimena Pacheco - Benefits & Individual Lines Manager

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